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One of our primary goals is to directly benefit homeowners who understand the benefit of working with an EM NARI member. It is part of our commitment to provide dependable and reliable information and services that benefit everyone.

This commitment is shown in EM NARI's own PEAK program, which aims to provide the absolute best remodeling experience for homeowners in Eastern Massachusetts. PEAK represents the four key aspects of the remodeling industry — Professionalism, Excellence, Ability, and Knowledge — to ensure that homeowners can find the right professional partner to do their remodeling.

Professionalism — All EM NARI members agree to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards of care outlined in our six-part Code of Ethics. These extend beyond building standards to all areas of business practices including marketing and sales, contracts, and customer satisfaction.

Excellence — NARI sponsors both regional and national Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards to recognize the excellence and quality of its members. These prestigious awards encourage EM NARI members to strive for quality and excellence in every remodeling project. (View the latest EM NARI CotY Award winners.)

Ability — EM NARI expects its members to maintain skills and expertise through continued learning and education. NARI offers a number of educational programs, seminars, conventions and rigorous remodeling certification programs. The better informed and trained your contractor is, the better your results. (See a list of EM NARI members in your area.)

Knowledge — Knowledge is power. Our extensive library of resources offers homeowners information on any number of topics from how to hire a contractor and what questions to ask, to adding value to your home and local licensing laws. The more educated the homeowner, the more successful your remodeling project will be. (See a list of EM NARI homeowner resources.)