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Hiring a NARI Professional Remodeling Contractor

There are many things to take into consideration when hiring for a home improvement project. Certainly the best thing you can do is to find professionals contractor who belong to EM NARI and are registered as a Home Improvement Contractors in the state of Massachusetts.

However there are other considerations as well. Remember, depending on the size of your remodeling project, your home improvement team will be with you - and working in your house - for days or months. Your team could consist of an architect, interior designer, contractor and others. Think about it as finding the right business partners. Additionally, in most situations it takes the products and services of many outside companies like financial services and banks, product suppliers, secondary contractors, and other related fields to help make your remodeling project a success. EM NARI members are professionals from all industries related to home improvement. Working with EM NARI, you can pull together a team of the most qualified professionals.

There are a number of questions you will want to ask during this process, including:

  • Are the contractor and other team members properly licensed?
  • Do they carry insurance including liability and Workman's Compensation?
  • How long have they been in the business?
  • What trade associations do you belong to?
    (for example, EM NARI is a trade association)
  • Do they offer any kind of warranty?
  • What type of permits will be needed?
  • Can they provide references?

It is also important to work out certain project details including the building schedule and payment schedule. For larger projects, it's always important to have a detailed contract that includes a timeline and payment schedule. Be sure that payments are tied to certain project milestones, not firm dates, so that if your remodeler falls behind in schedule, payments fall in line accordingly.

Although Massachusetts law requires written contracts for any jobs above $1,000, it is always a good idea to have a written contract for any project to ensure that both the homeowner and the home improvement team agree upon the project including completion and payment conditions.

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