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Contractor Education

NARI's primary focus is on providing continuing education, training and certification courses for professional remodeling contractors, and enforcing professional conduct and fair and equitable treatment within the home improvement/remodeling industry. Many opportunities exist for members including:

Contractor Certification Programs

NARI's Contractor Certification Programs provide the remodeling industry with a formalized standard of expertise, knowledge and ethical conduct among professional remodelers. Contractor certification recognizes remodelers who undergo a detailed review and testing in areas such as business management, ethical conduct and technical skills.

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Summary of MA RRP Requirements and Considerations for EM NARI Remodelers

Listing of all certification programs and requirements

Contractor Certification Study Groups

EM NARI provides comprehensive Study Group programs in preparation for contractor certification exams. Attendees will receive a structured approach to studying to strengthen their understanding of the material. Questions are encouraged.

Study Groups meet one morning per week for two hours in each session over approximately eight weeks. This is followed by a review and then the exam on the ninth or tenth week.

For more information, contact EM NARI at 508-907-6249 or admin@emnari.org.

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Contractor Educational Videos

Educational Videos for Home Improvement Contractors

NARI Radio

Launched in November 2008, NARI Radio is a national podcast covering all aspects of the remodeling business from permitting and handling lead paint to marketing tips like how to stand out at a trade show.

Each 10-12 minute segment, hosted by one of three seasoned industry experts is designed to be easy, quick listens packed with useful information relating to the topic.

Episodes can be heard online or downloaded in MP3 formant, and are available at no charge.

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