President’s Message - Sept. 2015

Counting the Ways You Can Get Involved!

Posted by Jim Lavallee, EM NARI Chapter President on 31 August 2015 | 2 Comments

Lavallee HeadshotAs we approach the fall, activity at our NARI chapter is kicking back into high gear.  During the summer, focus often shifts toward vacation, family – and especially this year, the frenetic pace of business.  While I have no doubt the pace of our industry won’t slow this fall, I find September is a time when many members reenergize, refocus, and rekindle their commitment to EM NARI. 

Throughout this year I have encouraged members to get more involved in the chapter.  Not only does EM NARI need you, but I have found that involvement in the organization is the best way to build value in your membership.  Personally, I have served over the years on both the Education & Programs Committee and on the Membership Committee.  Not only does committee service help you to better understand our chapter and our industry, but it helps forge deeper connections between members.  Some of my best relationships were built through service on a committee.

In that vein, I thought I would share a few notes about our committees, their work, and their need for volunteers.  Please consider how you might get involved.  Committee service is also a great way to help an employee connect and grow their skills in new and unique ways.  Some of our committee members making the greatest impact are not the business owner, but a great employee with great potential.  See below for a list of our committees, their major initiatives, and their volunteer needs.

Lastly, be sure to register for our first meeting of the fall season on the SECOND Wednesday of September – the 9th.  The program features our popular Inspectors Panel.  The program sold out last year, so be sure to register early.  Also that evening, we are conducting Member Orientation from 4:30-5:30.  Please come, learn more about our chapter, and hear more from each of our committees!  Finally, congratulations to Bill Farnsworth and the Golf Committee for selling out this year’s tournament.  This is a phenomenal accomplishment – and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Shaker Hills on the 16th!

Membership Committee:  Chair, Dave Supple, New England Design & Construction
Meets monthly on the third Thursday.  Noon-1:30 in Natick.
  • Member Recruitment and Retention
  • Chapter Networking Events
  • Development of Membership Value Programs
Greatest Need:  There is so much going on in the committee around planning membership value programs. If you can help in that effort, please contact Dave.
Education Committee:  Chair, Bill Hardiman, Old New England Restoration
Meets monthly on the third Thursday.  3:00-4:30PM in Natick.
  • Planning Programs Including Dinner Meetings, Seminars/Chat Rooms, Other Educational Sessions
  • Coordinating NARI Certification Study Groups
  • Developing Partnerships with Trade and Technical Schools
Greatest Need: The Education Committee meets monthly Natick and asks volunteers to spend a little time each month between meetings to carry out the work of the group.  It may involve calls to presenters, prospective participants, or program planning. 
PR / Marketing Committee: Chair, Alison Stanley, Kohler Co.
Meets monthly on the third Thursday.  10-11:30AM in Natick.
  • Developing Blog/Newsletter/Electronic Email Content
  • Coordinating Trade and Home Show Participation
  • Planning Community Service Opportunities
Greatest Need:  There are 2!  Contact Alison to volunteer.
  1. First, the committee needs members who can write for the blog (meeting recaps, member interviews, general interest topics). 
  2. Second, the committee needs a member to coordinate a fall community service project.  It’s a busy time, but you are needed!  We have materials, volunteers and more – we need a GC to coordinate the project.
Government Affairs Committee: Jim Lavallee, Jim Lavallee Plumbing & Heating
Meets monthly on the third Wednesday. 9-10AM often by conference call.
  • Developing Connections with Massachusetts State Agencies and Elected Officials
  • Monitoring Legislation and Regulations that Impact Members. 
  • Communicating to Members about Issues that Impact the Industry
Greatest Need: As we grow our connections and plan opportunities to connect with officials, we need volunteers to help with outreach.
CotY (Contractor of the Year) Awards Committee: Kathy DeMeyer, Encore Co.
Meets monthly.  Dates TBD.  Many meetings by Conference Call.
  • Managing Blind Entry Judging Process
  • Securing Sponsorships
  • Coordinating the Evening of Excellence Awards Ceremony including Program, Printing, Logistics
Greatest Need: Securing sponsors for CotY early is critical.  Members who can reach out and follow up with prospective sponsors this fall are critical to the event’s success!  Let Kathy know if you can participate.
Golf Tournament Committee:  Bill Farnsworth, Custom Contracting, Inc.
Meets as needed to plan the event.
  • Securing Sponsorships and Players
  • Planning Tournament Logistics
Greatest Need:  The Golf Committee has done an amazing job planning a tournament that is already sold out!  If you are interested in participating on the committee next year, consider volunteering at the event on the 16th.  Contact Bill or Michelle at EM NARI to volunteer.

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  • Thanks for all your hard work Jim

    Posted by Bill Hardiman, 01/09/2015 4:40pm (3 years ago)

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