Room To Dream - Janice's Project 2016

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Ever been sick enough that you had to stay home for the day? It’s boring. Lonely. And frustrating. Now imagine what it’s like to cope with a long-term illness. Especially if you were a child.

At a time when children are supposed to be full of energy, exploring the world, and exhausting their potential, many are coping with sickness in sterile hospital rooms or confined to their homes for weeks, months, even years.

The Room to Dream Foundation recognizes how a sick child can feel. Their focus is to make chronically-ill, inner-city or suburban children feel special and improve their quality of life by transforming their environments. It could be a hospital room, a bedroom at home, or a facility for sick children and their families. Each and every situation provides a unique opportunity for them to work magic. And to promote strength, imagination, and self-worth in every child.

You can see a video of Colby's Project that NARI Member OnSite Studios created for our 2015 project here. You can also see it on the Room to Dream Foundation's Website

This year, we will partnering again with the Room to Dream Foundation in working with family of four in Lynn, MA with two special needs children. Jose, the father, currently works two jobs to support the family. The mother, Brenda, spends her time at home, caring for daughter Janice who has severe special needs and Jeffrey, who has moderate special needs. Tiffany is a devoted older sister who is constantly patient and caring for her siblings, and continues to be a straight A student in middle school.

This is where Janice sleeps right now:



As Janice grows older, much of her family's time and money is spent on activities and programs to help her develop and flourish. She requires extra safety measures to safeguard the house. The family will really benefit from a helping hand from our efforts, and a safer, more uplifting environment for their children.

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