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One of the many things I love about NARI is the unguarded openness our members have for each other.  I have received some of the best advice for my business from what many would consider competitors.  I have heard it said before by past chapter presidents that we are all different in our strengths and focuses.  So, really we are not competing, but only promoting our individual brand and looking for clients we can best service based on this.

While I have found that to be very true, there are many things we have in common and can learn from each other.   That is truly what I look forward to most at our chapter meetings - sharing and gaining insight from others to better our business and the industry.  It is a beautiful thing to have a group of "competitors" help each other to become better.

While this partnership may be looked at as unusual by some, that is good thing -- and I would like us to continue this "hypocrisy" by taking on another no-no.  Let's change the adversarial relationships with building inspectors and code officials into a mutually beneficial, win-win partnership.  Last month we were fortunate enough to have Robert Anderson from the State Department of the BBRS (Board of Building Regulations & Standards) highlight some of the expected changes in the Massachusetts Building Code.   He filled in last minute for the planned speaker and I was extremely impressed by his willingness to help.  He certainly threw the stereotypical government worker attitude right out the door and prepared a thorough talk with just 24 hours notice!  

I think if we look (instead of listen to hype), we will find the great majority of code officials share Mr. Anderson's resolve to help.  They are looking to form partnerships with companies like our own to educate and improve the industry.  In fact, their purpose aligns perfectly with ours - to uplift the industry through education.

I hope you will join me at our next dinner meeting and furthering this partnership on September 7th where we will have building inspectors from the most commonly worked in cities and towns of our membership.   Until then, enjoy the summer!

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  • Great message Dave. I agree. Our industry will be far better off if we all help each other and find ways to improve ourselves. I know I got way more from the membership as I grew my remodeling business than what I was giving. That is not because I was not giving, but rather because I was just one who gave and many other members gave back to me.

    Posted by Shawn McCadden, 17/06/2016 1:59pm (3 years ago)

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