President's Message - December 2015

Posted by Jim Lavallee, EM NARI Chapter President on 22 December 2015 | 1 Comments

My EM NARI adventure started back in late 2008 or so when Paul Morse invited me to be his guest at a NARI meeting. One meeting was all it took and I knew I had to be part of this organization. My first 20 years in construction, before I found NARI, was a dismal march through the muck with many disenchanted so-called “construction professionals.” As I am sure a lot of you know, being part of this organization puts you in the company of some of the most selfless and knowledgeable construction professionals you will ever be lucky enough to be around in our industry.

Being able to volunteer with all the dedicated individuals in this organization has been motivating. To see how committed they are to making EM NARI a place that consistently moves forward and gets better with the time, and effort applied by them, is inspiring. The volunteers’ unselfish commitment of their time makes me proud to be part of it.

Michelle and Joanne have made this year’s role as president an enjoyable, and much easier position than a lot of the dedicated presidents before me had to endure. Having someone with Michelle’s vision and experience has made serving as President a realistic position for someone that also needs to run their own company in their spare time. 

As my role changes within the organization I have a great sense of pride. We have established very strong leadership with Michelle, the Board of Directors, and our committees. I truly feel honored to be a part of it. As Dave Supple steps into the President’s role, I look forward to seeing him keep the positive momentum going into and through his presidency. Our organization is in good hands.

There are so many people I would like to thank within the organization. The thing is, the list is so long I would put you all to sleep reading it off. I would hope by now you would know who you are. I would also like you to know you have my deepest respect and gratitude for all the help you have given to me and the organization.

As I stop finally rambling, there is one thing I want members that are new, or have been around and not experienced it yet, to know. The secret to EM NARI is the relationships. Getting involved by volunteering with the committees and the leadership is where the true reward lies. EM NARI will surely get better with your help. So make 2016 the year you truly get involved with YOUR organization.  

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  • Well said Jim! Thanks for providing the leadership you have over this past year as our president. I respect and appreciate all you have done and accomplished. Enjoy the next journey as our Chairman of the board. Cheers -

    Posted by Glenn Travis, 23/12/2015 10:31am (3 years ago)

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