What is the solution???

Posted by Dave Supple, EM NARI Chapter President, Owner, New England Design and Construction on 11 August 2016 | 1 Comments

It is a common plight for a lot of us right now. Our biggest issue is not having the resources to deliver to our clients.  Finding a qualified Lead Carpenter, or carpenter for that matter, entrusted with representing your company is not an easy task.  That is a significant problem as carpenters are at the core of how we deliver to our clients.  So what is the solution?  Strap on a tool belt ourselves?  Fortunately, I know that would be a disaster - I was never a great carpenter.  For those that could fill in, I am sure you are aware of the larger repercussions that returning to the field would have on your company.  My company has solved this problem by switching from a Lead Carpenter to a Project Management System but this is a very short-sighted solution. It does not solve the problem of lack of competent carpenters and trades entering the field.  This problem is not going away on its own.

Take a step back and reflect on the long-term, end-game of the current skilled workforce situation. Ultimately, we risk not having the ability to deliver our services and achieve our end product - a beautiful home and families that are better off for it.  That is the real problem pointed out to me by our Executive Director, Michelle Glassburn and it was with great wonder and appreciation that this sunk in.  EM NARI is committed to taking on this challenge head on.  

This year we are hosting our inaugural Youth Remodelers Construction Career Day.  Michelle has worked with Karl Ivester who has taken the lead on planning this new program.  In short order, Karl and his team that includes Stephen Ross, Marie Leutche, Sandra Wallmann, and Mitch Zucker, have begun to put together a fantastic event taking place on October 18th in Bolton.  Your support in the success of this event will benefit you in the short term - and help establish the roots of an effective effort to counter the workforce shortage.

In keeping with this effort, the theme of our 2017 monthly dinner meeting programs will be addressing the issue of the shortage of skilled workers in our industry.  It is only fitting that an organization with the purpose of improving the professionalism of an industry would bond together to address this lurking crisis.  I am proud to be a member of this great organization and be part of the solution with you.  Please consider becoming a sponsor or hosting a station at the October youth event, and watch for information on our 2017 programs!

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