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President's Message April 2016

Posted by David Supple, New England Design & Construction, 2016 EM NARI President on 12 April 2016 | 0 Comments

It is with pride that I write this message to our membership following our CotY awards.  We had the largest number of project entries for CotY Awards and a terrific showing this year.  A job very well done to our ED, Michelle Glassburn, Kathy DeMeyer of Encore Construction, and all the CotY Committee members for putting on an amazing show. We are especially grateful to ALL our sponsors, including Sherwin Williams for their Diamond Level support of the event. Without the support of these companies, the CotY Awards would not be possible.  At the Evening of Excellence, we were treated to an incredible showcase of work and brainpower in one space.  Clarke is an amazing venue to begin with – and combined with the energy of our membership, the place was electrifying.  One could not have helped but be uplifted just by being in this celebratory atmosphere.  

It reminded me of the power that an environment has on us all.  Seeing the photos of all the project entries reminded me how we use that power to transform lives daily with the services we provide.  We alter spaces to make them more aesthetic and functional, and to suit our clients’ needs and wants.  This, in turn, improves the quality of their lives.  Our chapter’s community service projects connect that power of transforming spaces to improve the quality of life for individuals in need.  Recently, NARI members remodeled the home of a WWII Veteran struggling with health challenges to make it safer and more usable for him. Our work will allow him to live out his remaining days with the honor and respect he deserves in the home he cherishes.  This certainly is valid example of how NARI makes a difference to our community at large.

With the work, work, work mentality I think most of us have, it can be hard to look up and take stock of the amazing impact we have as a group.  The CotY Awards and our community service efforts offer great opportunities to reflect.   It is also an opportunity to be recognized for our hard work and enjoy it – either through receiving an award or seeing the smile on the face of a benefactor.  To me, one of the great highlights of the CotY Awards was Bill Farnsworth receiving the NARI Member of the Year.  Bill embodies all that is right and true about NARI and its purpose.  He has been a great example for me and continues to go above and beyond in his commitment to the organization.  He truly does make a space better just by being in it.

I hope you will join me in continuing to improve our industry and make a difference by attending our next meeting at Boston Appliance in Woburn on May 4th.

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