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New Member Advice

Posted by Meghan Landry, F. D. Sterritt Lumber Co. on 13 February 2015 | 0 Comments

Being a new member can be intimidating.  It’s tough to enter a room full of people who already know one another and have so much in common.  But, you know it’s so important to begin making connections and taking advantage of all that NARI has to offer.  So, our own Meghan Landry of F. D. Sterritt Lumber Company, asked two companies who have recently joined EM NARI what words of advice they would give someone new.   

Boston Stone 2
 Melissa & Paul Bunis, Owners
Boston Stone Restoration




Sean ABX 3x3

Sean Cutting, President
Cutting Edge Homes, Inc.





How did you hear about NARI?

Melissa & Paul: Our business coach told us about EM NARI and all that the organization had to offer a company like ours.

Sean: One of our designers, Glenn Travis of GMT Home Designs, Inc., has been involved with NARI for years and encouraged us to join.

Why did you join NARI?

Melissa & Paul: We originally joined EM NARI to network with contractors and share clients.

Sean: I truly believe it is important to further the field we have chosen. NARI does a fantastic job of not only educating the public, but also the organizations.

Now that you are a member of NARI, how is it different that you expected?

Melissa & Paul: It is better than we expected!  It is so organized -- and a great group of professionals willing to help each other out.

It can be intimidating walking into a room full of people?  What advice can you give a new member for how to make connections?

Melissa & Paul: First off, introduce yourself  to people. Everyone is very friendly! And, be sure to get involved beyond just paying for a membership.  We joined a committee to get to know people better and to learn more about NARI in general.

Sean: At the end of the day it is these relationships that help grow your company and ultimately put food on the table. When you think of it that way, it makes it less intimidating. The events do not need to be intimidating. 

What events or activities have you found to be the most helpful? Why?

Melissa & Paul:  We enjoyed the table top trade show because we got a better understanding of what other members do and the services they provide. I (Melissa) also enjoy being on a committee, I know more about what is going on organization-wide.

Sean: I always love the educational events.

What is your plan for making the most of your membership in the coming year?

Melissa & Paul:  We continue to attend monthly meetings, exhibit at the table top trade show and stay active on my committee.

Sean: We made a large commitment by sponsoring the NARI Suite at the Agganis Arena because we felt it would really increase NARI recognition. We hope to not only continue that commitment but also expand our capacity of helping educate other NARI members any way we can.

If you could give a new member one piece of advice about NARI, what would you say?

Melissa & Paul:  Get involved!  Seek out the people who can help you grow your business and vice versa! Don’t be shy!

Sean: The one piece of advice I have always found helpful is the listen more than you talk. There are so many great ideas that are exchanged. Truly immerse yourself and give it a shot!

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