Message from the President - February 2015

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As we gear up for 2015 I would like to share a few words of thanks and offer some insights about our focus at EM NARI this year.  First off, allow me to thank our sponsors at EM NARI.  We cannot do all we do to serve our members on membership dues alone.  The commitment of our sponsors is critical to our operation.  Please be sure to thank these companies and support them with your business.  And, we are always in search of new sponsors.  Let us know if you are interested in growing your commitment to EM NARI.

Much like our industry as a whole, EM NARI went through challenges during the past decade.  Thanks to the dedication of our members, we weathered the storm and are in, perhaps, the strongest financial position in our history.  The strength of our organization has allowed us to redouble our commitment to our primary goal - creating value for our members. 

 Over the past year we have conducted several member surveys.  Thanks to all who have participated and made your voice heard.  The feedback from those instruments has shaped our priorities for the future.  Here’s what we have learned:

1)      Our members are in desperate need of employees – workers who have both the skills and work ethic needed to succeed in our industry.  With that, we are focused on growing our workforce development efforts.  We are growing our outreach to youth interested in a career in remodeling, and maintaining our commitment to our certification and education programs for current remodeling industry professionals.

2)      Our members want to compete for jobs based on quality and creativity – not just price.  To that end, we continue to grow awareness of the NARI brand in our region in an effort to educate homeowners and offer a trusted source of professionals when they are ready to begin their project.

3)      Lastly, our members want to be informed about, and have a voice at the table, when it comes to legislation and regulations that affect them.  We will continue to work to forge connections to ensure that the voices of our members are heard.  And, we will step up our efforts to create awareness of issues that may be of interest.

As you can see there is much going on at EM NARI.  These efforts are the work of many.  We are grateful to the many, many members that serve on committees, on our Board, and pitch in on projects when we need them.  Nevertheless, with more help, we can do even more.  I encourage you to evaluate your commitment to NARI and find a way to be more involved.  The greater your commitment, the greater will be your reward.  

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