Member Spotlight - New Member (March 2016)

Talking to New Member: Kim Carpentier, Valley Credit Builders

Posted by Melissa Bunis, Boston Stone Restoration on 8 March 2016 | 0 Comments

Throughout the year, we profile EM NARI members to find out a little about why they joined NARI, how membership has helped them, and tidbits of advice for other members.  This month we talked with Kim Carpentier of Valley Credit Builders - a new EM NARI Member in 2015.

Why did you join NARI?  Karl Ivester invited me.  I went to about 3 meetings before I joined, and thought the group of people was a good mix for me to network with.

Now that you’ve joined is it different than you expected?  Listen, it takes time for any group to open up to you, but I’ve found that the “know, like and trust” process that a newcomer must go through has been easier than expected.

What events and activities have you found the most helpful? Why?  I’m a true networker. I enjoy meeting others and, as I said earlier, the networking events present a great mix of industries and small business owners.

What is your plan for the making the most of your membership in the coming year? I’ve joined the PR committee, which is giving me more exposure to the EM NARI family as well as continuing to attend as many networking events and meetings as possible.

What is one piece of advice you would give a new member about joining NARI?  If you are going to join any membership group, jump in completely.  Get involved.  And as the old adage goes “you get out what you put in”.

What does your business do?  We are credit builders.  I help small business owners repair and build credit for their businesses. Our process allows small business owners to build business credit without their personal guarantee.  We help them separate their personal credit from their business credit.

What is your personal story?  How did you get interested in this field – what path did you take to get here? Why?   I’ve owned many successful companies.  Six years ago I started a credit repair company and quickly realized that a fair percentage of my clients were small business owners, who had been hurt by the last recession.  Because of bad personal credit, they could no longer access the credit needed to grow their businesses once the economy started to turnaround.  Building business credit, without their personal guarantee, allows them access to multiple streams of funding.

What are the top 3 pieces of advice you can give remodeling businesses?

  1. Separate your personal credit from your business credit.
  2. Your vendors/suppliers can be your best source of business credit. Communicate frequently with them.
  3. Continually supervise and analyze your financials. This should be done on a monthly basis.


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