EM NARI's 2017 Chapter President

Meet Kathy DeMeyer of Encore Construction

Posted by Justin Zeller, Red House Custom Building, EM NARI VP and Chair, PR Committee on 6 March 2017 | 0 Comments

kdemeyerWelcome to EM NARI’s first woman president!

Since first meeting Kathy Demeyer in 2014, I’ve been continually impressed by her ability to rally and motivate her CotY committee, her organization, her no nonsense attitude, and her love of NARI and NARI members. Kathy is always the first to share her strategies for running a successful business, and her committee’s work on this chapter’s CotY Awards has helped to solidify it as the chapter’s premiere social event every year.

Kathy was drawn into remodeling in the early ‘90’s when she helped run a small company owned by a close friend. She’d previously owned the Brewster Village Market, and she used her business and client focused background to help ground the Brewster based remodeling company. Kathy was immediately hooked on both the complexity of the work and the reward of a beautiful design and happy client at the end of the project.

When the first company switched gears to focus strictly on roofing in 2002, Kathy knew she wanted to stay in the Design/Build remodeling business. She researched companies and eventually found the right fit with Encore in 2003. She was hired as their Production Manager, but Kathy has had just about every responsibility at Encore (except estimating). In 2015, Kathy was selected as General Manager of Encore, focusing on leadership within the organization and sales.

Kathy was born and raised in Stoneham, Ma. Kathy is recently widowed with two sons, David and Jimmy. She has one granddaughter, Teagan.

As the president of EM NARI, Kathy wants to focus on workforce development and continuing education. She says, “that’s what sets NARI apart, the education piece.” Education is a hallmark of culture at Encore, and it becomes a mindset for employees. Even now, as president, Kathy will focus on the dynamics of different people and companies at EM NARI. She wants to get to know people in the organization better. She says the more information we can share with each other, the more each member becomes more professional and successful.

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