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Posted by Amy Cafazzo, Studio A Marketing & Mike Resendes, Atlas Studios on 7 October 2016 | 0 Comments

We had an action-packed October membership meeting with a focus on marketing. Attendees rotated through three “stations” to participate in interactive marketing discussions. Hosted by Beezee Honan and the team at Designer Bath in Beverly, the fun event was a great opportunity for our members to learn actionable tips to help grow our remodeling businesses as well as the opportunity to mingle, network and see some of the stunning kitchen and bathroom fixtures at the showroom.

Jason S

At the first station, EM NARI member Amy Cafazzo, owner of Studio A Marketing, started the discussions off with three marketing tips that should be the foundation for any business’ marketing campaign. First, it’s imperative to have a clear picture of your IDEAL target market, recognizing that this doesn’t include EVERYONE that your company works with, just the best customer prospects. From there, all marketing efforts should speak directly to that audience. We discussed clarifying brand messages and finished up with a discussion of understanding your customers, particularly, what problems your business solves for homeowners. Amy has written a blog about the event which includes greater detail and may be found on the Studio A web site.  

Amy C

Next up was Suzan Czajkowski, a digital marketing consultant, communication coach, and owner of TheCommCoach. During Suzan’s session, we first explored how Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing are equally important to any marketing strategy. They work best when they work together: Social media helps you reach out, generate leads, and build community while email enables you to nurture those leads, grow relationships and drive conversion. Next, we looked at tactics for managing content marketing by keeping things simple: Reduce, reuse and remodel your content to get more out of it. Finally, we addressed the need to understand whether your efforts are making a difference by measuring your marketing. If you’d like to explore any of these topics in greater detail, Suzan offers free seminars. Check out her events page, which is regularly updated.

Suzan speaking

Finally, EM NARI member Michael Resendes, VP of Atlas Studios dug a bit deeper with the importance of online visibility utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). Though there are many ways to increase visibility on the web today, one of the most authoritative is SEO. Michael walked us through the primary objectives of SEO, the necessary steps we can take to help improve our rank, as well offered all the members a free evaluation that will help them determine either a starting point or, if already engaged in SEO, a performance review. To take advantage of the free review click on or call 401-287-2155.


Thanks to everyone at Designer Bath for their hospitality - and to all the EM NARI members who attended!




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