Lessons from the Corn Field Applied to Education

Growing Your Company by Improving Employee Yield

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest," words from Ben Franklin. As you consider how to grow your company, opportunities to transform your existing resources may be your best bet to improve yields. 

Family vacations this summer included lots of time with in-laws, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents traversing New England and the Southwest.  Strangely, a recurring theme popped up across the trips…America’s corn crop.  Mind you, I have never thought much of corn.  It’s sort of a non-entity vegetable for me.  But I’m learning that others are spending a LOT of time thinking about corn – and investing in ways to get more from the crop.  Through these conversations I have learned that corn has been modified in a way that makes it grow bigger, faster, bug-free, weed-free, etc.  I’m told I should no longer waste time peeling back the husk in the market because nearly all ears are now "perfect" – a time saver indeed!

What does this corn conversation have to do with education?  More than you might think.  No matter how you feel about pesticides, GMOs, or a variety of other hot topics, there is a business lesson when it comes to corn.  As our food producers thought about how to grow corn, they shifted their thinking away from more land and more farmers.  Rather, they decided to see how they could get more from the existing resources.  Perhaps, the conversation is the same for residential remodelers?  With a limited supply of workers, time, and money, how can companies continue to grow?  Perhaps it’s possible by investing in the productivity of their workers.  Happily, our chapter has a wealth of great educational programs and opportunities coming this fall – perfect for both the business owner and employee alike! 

The Education & Programs Committee, chaired by Bill Hardiman of New England Restoration, has been hard at work planning a great line up of programs for this fall.  Check out this overview and be sure to register early!

  • The Inspectors Panel.  Hear from our panel of local inspectors about local codes and regulations and get your questions answered.
  • Certified Lead Carpenter Study Group (8 weeks). Certified Lead Carpenters (CLC) are trained as the hands-on field personnel who oversee every aspect of a remodeling project from customer satisfaction, personnel management, administration, etc.
  • Massachusetts Residential Energy Code - Envelope and Building Science. Learn best practice strategies for building assemblies to meet the new energy code from foundations through roofs. Using case studies, exercises, and discussion, proven methods will be demonstrated to build cost-effective high performance homes. 
  • Design / Build Sales Concept for Residential Contractors. Learn about the Design/Build process and how you can increase your ability to sell remodeling projects to homeowners.
  • Kohler Presents: Building Your Business.  Learn from Kohler Senior Trainer and national speaker, David Doyle, about sales strategies that will improve your conversion rate and lead to repeat business and referrals.
  • EM NARI at ABX: Adopting Universal Design Principles to Increase Client Satisfaction. Get practical advice on integrating UD principles in your work.
  • Social Media Tips and Apps that Every Business Owner Should Know by Richie DeMarco, President of the Association of Closet & Storage Professionals and the Unofficial “Mayor of Hardware.”
Michelle Glassburn
Executive Director
Eastern Mass. Chapter, NARI, Inc.

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  • Allowing someone into your home to work on a rmeidelong project can be scary. It's important to hire someone that you can trust. Knowing that a contractor is NARI certified can ease your mind.

    Posted by Tanim, 26/11/2015 3:26am (3 years ago)

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