EMNARI Certified Lead Carpenter Training For Remodelers in February 2013

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EMNARI announces a certification training for Certified Lead Carpenters is scheduled for February 2013. Our fellow member National Lumber has graciously offered their facility for this NARI Certified Training and education program.

The value of NARI’s Lead Carpenter Certification Training for Remodelers

I have a story to share with fellow owner members and remodelers who may be struggling with the daily management of their projects.

A few years ago I was working with a large remodeling firm in Worcester, Massachusetts and we were struggling with the daily management of our projects. We had great carpenters but something was missing. Jobs were late, sales, office personnel and production were not on the same page, jobs went over budget and guys were not happy. Communication between the field, office and customer was inconsistent.  Something had to change so we could grow.

The owner and management discovered the NARI Certified Lead Carpenter Certification Training. We placed 12 of our carpenters into the NARI training for 10 plus weeks. At first the carpenters had some resistance but the instructor (Shawn McCadden) and NARI subject material began to make sense. After the class was completed something miraculous happened in our company’s culture. The result was a focus on communication and teamwork.  We developed an expectation that all members of the team would be accountable to each other.

In the coming months I experienced and took part in an emerging culture that lead to happier employees. It was great to see carpenters, office personnel and sales people working towards the same goal. We also realized our customers were happier and referrals increased.  Jobs were finishing on time and on budget. In addition the owner began to see the results of his investment paying off.

If you are an owner of a remodeling company or a builder and you are losing money and time because of production cost overruns and miscommunication then this course is a must do for you and your carpenters. The remodeling owner who adopts this program and supports it from the top in a short time sees the quantifiable results. Such as more profitable jobs, less creep, happier customers and employees.

The instructor for the Certified Lead Carpenter Certification class is Gary Morrison a successful remodeler and former EMNARI President. The class starts on 2/12/2012 and runs for 10 weeks. Start 2013 off on the right foot and watch your team gel and your customers marvel at the professionalism of your company.Mark Paskell
Chairman of Programs and Government Affairs