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There’s an old proverb that says "It is nothing for one to know something unless another knows you know it.” Earning certifications for yourself or your employees demonstrates your knowledge and earns your customers’ trust.

education1“One of the first things I did as a NARI member was to take the CR (Certified Remodeler) class. Having recently started my company, this exposed me to how others did things and what their successful actions were,” says Dave Supple, chair of the EM NARI Education Committee, and CEO of New England Design and Construction. “This has been the single most important tactic that has advanced my company.” Learning from other remodelers is one of the key benefits of joining an EM NARI Certification Study Group or taking a class through NARI.

Another reason to add certifications is earning customer trust. Your customers want to know that you and your team are experts in your field, up to date on the latest techniques and information. Certification classes (and CEUs) keep you and your team ahead of the curve when it comes to trends, changing building codes, and advances in materials and technology in the remodeling industry. Letting your customers know that you and your team have earned certifications is a powerful marketing tool.

Specific Topics for Learning

Recently there has been a lot written about our aging population and “aging in place” issues. EM NARI recently offered a Universal Design Certified Professional course that addresses the concepts of universal design – the term for making living spaces accessible for everyone. There are courses offered in an array of topics from Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler to Certified Lead Carpenter.

Three members of the Feinmann staff took the Certified Lead Carpenter course before taking the national test. “The CLC course was an excellent resource, a good way to meet other contractors and a thorough review of what would likely be on the test,” said Lauren Audette, Project Manager for Feinmann.  Dave Supple has had five carpenters get through the CLC. Designers from NEDC have taken the Certified Kitchen and Bath and Universal Design Certified Professional courses. “Allowing them to learn from colleagues reinforced the way we wanted our projects to be designed and run,” he says.

Another advantage of team members earning certifications is having them share their knowledge within your team. Empowering your designers, project managers and carpenters to lead and teach others within in your company will bring benefits that will boost your business. After all, knowledge is power. Share the knowledge and grow your business.

For a complete list of courses offered: http://www.emnari.org/members/education/

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