December 2016 EM NARI Membership Meeting

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Toys for Tots

The EM NARI membership meeting on December 7 started on a high note with...a visit from Santa! 

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The Jolly Man in Red arrived to collect the huge pile of toys collected by our membership to benefit Toys for Tots.  The Toys for Tots program, which is run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, distributes the toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them Christmas gifts.

Mark One, Inc., [] sponsored the December meeting and organizes the toy donation every year. In fact, this is their 16th year collecting toys! Rob Pascucci, Operations Manager for Mark One, reports, “The final total of toys from NARI member donations should surpass 250, including over one hundred from Puccio Electric! []  Adding this to our other donations means we will have collected over 400 toys this year. Mark-One, Inc. continues to work with Toys for Tots because of our great relationship with the Marine Corps League. As a veteran myself, I admire the fact that those who served our nation in uniform continue to find ways to serve.” 


Featured Speaker: Paul Winans, CR, of Remodelers Advantage []

Well-known throughout the remodeling industry, Paul Winans was an inspirational speaker on Wednesday. 

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Paul, who as many in the room knew, ran a highly successful remodeling business with his wife, Nina, for 29 years before they sold it in 2007. Paul spent the hour talking about his “systems-oriented” approach to business management. Some key take-aways from his presentation:

  • Set clear expectations for your employees to help them achieve your shared goals. Job descriptions and manuals for every position should be used as part of a continuous training program. These manuals contributed greatly to his company’s success and the ability to be away from the day-to-day running of the business.
  • Have your employees take a DiSC personality/behavioral assessment to learn more about themselves and how they can work more effectively with the rest of the team.  More information on DiSC assessments can be found here. []
  • Always balance negative feedback with positive feedback. Praise employees publicly for a job well done.
  • Recognize when it’s time to let someone in the company go. “Hire slow, fire fast,” is Paul’s mantra. When you do let them go, remember that you are “freeing them up to find a better future” and that there should be “no regrets, only lessons learned.”
  • Set clear expectations with your clients and what you need/expect from them. Discover if they can meet those expectations and, if not, part ways before the job starts. The successful outcome of the job is dependent on both parties. 

Jay Groccia of OnSite Studios captured some of the highlights from the December Dinner Meeting, including the donations that our members put together for Toys for Tots! 

The next dinner meeting is Finding, Hiring & Keeping the Right Employees on January 4th! Hope to see you there!

 Member Team Building Activity...

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Jim Currie, Stanton Insurance - leads our team building.

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Santa Arrives

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A visit from the Marines for the Toys for Tots collection.

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Remarks from our sponsor - Mark One, Inc.

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Networking Sponsor Guild Quality Announces the NEW CotY Customer Service Award Program.

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Networking Sponsor - 1st Quality Discount Flooring, Chris Zizza.

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More from the 1st Quality Team

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 Networking Sponsor Matt Pelrine of NorthStar Insurance.

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