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Name: Tim Smith, Lead Carpenter
An interview with a newly certified EM NARI member...

An interview with Tim Smith, a newly Certified Lead Carpenter at EM NARI...

Name: Tim Smith, Lead Carpenter
Company: Divine Design Build, Wellesley, MA
Number of Years in the Remodeling Industry: 15
Number of Years at Current Employer: 7
Tim Smith, CLC, Certified Lead Carpenter

Tim Smith, CLC, Certified Lead Carpenter, Divine Design Build, EM NARI Member

Did you decide to take the CLC program or was it encouraged by your employer?

 TIM:  I started exploring the CLC curriculum over a year ago but wasn’t very familiar with NARI.  It was something I had heard of other guys in the industry having as they looked to grow in their company. So, when my company encouraged me to take the program, I was eager to enroll. 

What was the most interesting / valuable concept you learned in the CLC curriculum?

TIM:  The course materials were very thorough and the program was a good, broad experience.  There was a great deal of content and it ranged from information about mechanicals to project mgmt.  Overall, it was a good view of how the business is run and the remodeling industry.

What was the best part of participating in the CLC study group?

TIM:  I participated in an in-person study group with four other NARI members.  I thought working together was great.  We sat down and got different views from each other as carpenters with different experiences.  We all had strengths and weaknesses and it brought us together.  We all had different viewpoints which helped on the exam as well.

In what ways will the CLC program improve how you do your job?

TIM:  Mainly, I now have a better understanding of business management skills and overall how the business side of the project is run as far as the budget, working with people, and working with subs.  This better understanding of the business side complements what I already knew about the trade side.  The CLC program helped me to be more aware of the budget and project profitability – places where we might lose money and hours that are wasted, etc.

Describe the type of employee that would benefit most from the CLC program?

TIM:  A person who is a seasoned carpenter, like me, with about 10 years in the field but not much management experience will find the CLC program very useful.  Someone who is looking to progress in their company that has been in the field for a number of years but is looking to better understand the management side will benefit greatly from the CLC program and the study group experience. 

EM NARI plans to offer a CLC Study Group this winter/spring in preparation for the EM NARI CLC Certification Exam in early May.  If you, or one of your carpenters is interested in learning more, contact us at admin@emnari.org.  

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